Bluetooth internal module

Does Framework sell internal Bluetooth modules yet?

The AX210 card available with the prebuilt and the DIY kit has Bluetooth, goes directly onto the mainboard in the smaller m.2 slot, fully inside the laptop chassis…

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It goes in the smaller m.2 slot? I only saw one m.2 slot. Where is that at? Do you have a link to the AX210 bluetooth card?

The card is WiFi + Bluetooth in a single package. It does both.

Great do you have a link to it?

Not sure if that’s the exact same model, but it’s similar to this: Intel WiFi 6E AX210 Gig Product Specifications

Why isn’t this on their site to order though?

It’s on the lower right corner of the mainboard. It’s a short M.2 2230 slot, keyed A+E, communication only (not storage):

Along the centre at the right edge here.

Closeup in steps 7 and 8:

It is available from Framework: Framework | Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210 No vPro
(There’s also a vPro version if you want that and have the compatible CPU.)

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Thanks all! I have it on order!!