If you're happy with your Intel 12th Gen Framework Laptop, what's your setup and use cases?

Approaching 24hrs in with:
1260 DIY
32GB RAM (self supplied: Crucial Single 32GB stick - CT32G4SFD832A)
500GB SSD (self supplied - Western Digital WD 500GB SSD, WD Black SN850)
Win 11 Home

Hooks up to a USB dock and then my Samsung monitor.

Runs RStudio, Word, Endnote, Firefox simultaneously, and with the R scripts is running about 50% faster than the work station it’s replaced (already been put to work as I’m in the midst of PhD writing up)

Spent a good 3hrs last night sofa based surfing as I fixed up OneDrive folder syncs, and the battery only just dropped to 50% as it was sending things up and down.

Paraphrasing the words of Doug Marcaida “It will cut [it]”


Works even better when switched to Performance instead of Balanced - was hitting the 4.4GHz mark quite a few times now as opposed to coasting along at 3.3GHz. Did get a bit warm after 5hrs of processing, but it was looking like running in under 15hrs instead of 52hrs+, so the improved processor and core/threads have made a difference.


1240 DIY
Win 11 Home + Manjaro Linux

Using it for software development and web browsing, as a replacement for my 7-year old Thinkpad W541. Very happy with the build quality at the moment. Keyboard feels nice, screen is great, battery life with Linux is also satisfying.

Had a bug where the screen would turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity with Manjaro Gnome Edition. But no such issues with Manjaro XFCE Edition. Still struggling to get the webcam working. Once that’s done I’ll have everything I need.


Strange (and good) that there seems to be no report of 12th gen users facing USB connectivity and / or dropout issues. Wondering if there was an undisclosed fix made to the 12th gen Framework Laptops.