User Experience: Framework Laptop - 12th Gen Intel® Core™

Now that the 12th Gen units have been out for a couple of months, we should be seeing more user experiences / reviews…specifically around the 1-month and 2-months marks.

With the display issue out the way (Linux Kernel, hopefully), I’m wondering if it’s time to place an order yet.

I’ve found this very detailed review, but haven’t seen much of anything else.

Would anyone with 12th gen units (for a month or longer) care to share their experiences?

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I have had a 12th gen for only a week or two now, but I did post an extensive review:

It’s possibly not what you were looking for, but it’s better than nothing i guess? :slight_smile:


Extensive indeed, and definitely from an end-user’s perspective. Really appreciate the level of details there, thank you.

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If you don’t order this batch, I highly recommend to wait for 13th gen.

Any particular reason I should be aware of in general?

Just that it will be getting soon to the point that it is less than half a year to next gen model.

You’re looking at the Intel or the Framework side of things? You think Framework will have the next generation x86 product out before July 2023?

It will be in most probably in May

You have some insider info on this?

Or are you saying it’ll be ‘announced’ in May…with a later shipping date?

So? The whole point is that only a mainboard upgrade would be necessary and there always be something “coming soon” :tm:. Besides, if I were them I would skip Raptor Lake and concentrate on improving existing products with an aim to get a jump on Meteor Lake which will be a mobile-focused arch coming next year (if Intel’s roadmap is to be believed). FW has caught a fair bit of flack for not expeditiously addressing issues/software features that the community wants addressed. Releasing a new product would only further alienate those users.

TL;DR Raptor Lake will be like 8th gen all over again, it’s a stop gap measure by Intel and not worth the R&D dollars to create when less than a year later its successor will replace it.

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