Impossible to order CoolerMaster AMD 13 setup?

I’m trying to create a standalone AMD-based HTPC setup using the coolermaster case.

However, it appears impossible to order?

“Sorry, we only have stock of that item at our non-US warehouse. You can only purchase it when combined with a laptop order.”

I figured I’d order something like:

  • AMD Mainboard
  • AMD wifi
  • Coolermaster case
  • 2x USB A
  • 1x USB C
  • 1x HDMI

But, when I put those items in my bag, I get this bizarre error message:

Why doesn’t Framework tell me what warehouse each item is in? It seems to be important.

Is there a way to order my HTPC from Framework?

Should I consider alternatives?

Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, when it says, “Sorry, we only have stock of that item at our non-US warehouse. You can only purchase it when combined with a laptop order.” it means an actual whole laptop, not more parts.

This is something Framework needs to fix, and if I recall they are aware of it. But in this case you know which item it is since you saw that the mainboard is not in-stock in the US warehouse.

Just to confirm, you’re saying it’s impossible to buy an AMD+Coolermaster computer from Framework? That’s wild.

OK, I guess I’ll have to look for alteratives. Can anyone suggest an extensible small form factor PC with power and performance numbers similar to the AMD Framework 13?

The 7640U is just out-of-stock at the moment. I’m sure they will get more in. Currently, the AMD 7840U is available and can be ordered. Intel boards are available as well.

AMD boards are popular, It’s a nice upgrade for those that have an earlier intel Framework 13. There are advantages even versus the current gen intel. Is it really wild that they sell out at times?

Oh, OK. But if it’s out of stock, why doesn’t the site say, “out of stock, expect more in April”? Telling me I need to order another laptop, or correct the invisible warehouses I’m ordering from, that’s really confusing!

Agreed, in my 13" chassis, the AMD wakes up quicker, uses less power, and is much faster than the 12th gen Intel it replaced. It’s a fantastic upgrade.

It is something they need to improve. They are still a small company, less than 50 people globally, covering all the necessary positions.

From what I’ve heard Minisforum is pretty cool!
Although it definitely feels weird to recommend any other brand on Framework’s forums :sweat_smile: Hopefully the stock comes back soon!

That’s a good call, their Venus series looks like good price/performance. Also, I’ve had good luck with Beelink’s Intel kit, might give their AMD stuff a try. Thanks!

Gotta say, though… After browsing alternatives for a while, I realize I’d prefer to stick with Framework. Similar price, and I know it works since I’m using it right now. Hope they manage to arrange things so I can buy another one.

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You could contact them, see if they have some ETA they can give.

Try purchasing it from the marketplace again. I saw the same error over the weekend, but now I’m able to get past that and see the checkout page.

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You’re right, ordered! Thanks.

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