[IN SUPPORT] Windows 11 intermittent wifi

Hello, I just got my 12th gen i5 laptop a few days ago. I installed windows 11 and while it initially connected to wifi and worked fine (I was able to download the driver bundle and use it for a few days), now it will only connect to a 2ghz network for intermittent amounts of time (for hours at a time it will connect and disconnect so fast that it interrupts the connection and webpages won’t load). I can get it to connect for a while but when I switch to 5ghz, it doesn’t work at all and then 2ghz becomes intermittent again.

I reinstalled my driver’s multiple times, installed the lastest Intel ones, reset network settings multiple times, reseated the card and antennas with no luck. the windows troubleshooter finds peoblem with wireless adapter but can’t fix it. Not a router issue as multiple other computers in house work fine on both ghz

Wifi card: Intel WI-FI 6E AX210 160MHz
Driver version: (22.160 doesn’t work either)

I’d get in touch with support, this sounds like you just happened to get a bad wifi card, so you should be able to get a new one under warranty.

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