[IN-TICKET] Fingerprint reader lifting up/peeling away

I couldn’t find a post with this issue.
As seen in the image, the top of the fingerprint reader is peeling away from the power button. Just happened this morning when I opened my laptop at work. I have not tried prying it up as I don’t want to break it. I tried pushing it down, but it just pops back up.

I looked at other posts about the fingerprint reader but found mostly issues with heat. I don’t notice any heat issue but then again, I don’t use the button almost at all. I don’t use the fingerprint reader really either.

Operating System: Windows 11 build 22621.1702
Framework laptop 13-inch, Intel 12th gen
Purchased March 2023

I also have flickering of grey colours on my monitor, but I think that’s unrelated. I tried adjusting the placement of the screen wires (going from motherboard to screen) and it seemed to help for a little while but it’s back again.

Ooooh…this is a first on the forum.

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Your laptop is under warranty and this is a warranty issue. Contact support, they’ll take care of you.