[IN TICKET] Piece of mainboard partially melted

After a review of additional boards by our manufacturing partner, the results were still inconclusive and no root cause was identified. The only finding was that the failure was due to component stress, but again, no root cause. The failure rate is extremely low based on shipped units vs failures in the field but we continue to evaluate any returned units to see if a definitive cause can be found. X-ray evaluation of the MOSFET unfortunately does not point to a cause of failure.


@TheTwistgibber That is very unfortunate. Given that no root cause has been found after such investigation and the number of boards is (still?) only 6, you guys are right to mark the thread solved then since its likely the root cause will never be found. Thank you for the update @Matt_Hartley and @TheTwistgibber.

We continue to investigate the returns and have been shipping them to our HQ for review. If we do identify a root cause, rest assured we will let the Community know.


Hi all,

Just chiming in with another case of this, already contacted FW support and they’re sending out a replacement motherboard. I ordered it February 9 2021 so I’m not sure what batch it would be but I also got the same 4, 9, 10 blink codes with the laptop not powering on and some melted plastic near the USB port, I was having other intermittent and strange issue with USB earlier as well (refer to my previous community post and posts about it on the framework discord sarahuwu#0001)

I wasn’t asked to ship the board back to FW but I’d be happy do so with a prepaid label (shipping from Canada is expensive:( )


Hi Sarah,

That’s very odd as we would absolutely want to get this board back for review. Can you please DM me with your order number please? Thanks!


I received an email afterwards saying I’ll get sent a return label as well as a new mainboard, I haven’t received an order number or a confirmation for a new mainboard yet however.

Gen 11, the first November batch, running linux mint at the time, with I think bios 5.03?

Just adding mine to the pile, I was watching the tempreture senses when it died and the main chips were in the balmy mid 60s, which meant the fan was on low but by the time I realised the chasis on the left was now too hot to touch, it crashed.
I had an external dac pluged in the bottom left side along with charging the framework through the top left, so it seems like the extra heat from the current was just too much.
No error codes to speak of, I think because the left led also got roasted

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Hi @Liam_Beaumont Based on the image, please contact support for assistance with this.

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@Matt_Hartley I’m the pushy Kiwi that used our national post’s forwarding address and then had to get Kevin Crawford to authorise a “one-time courtesy” shipment for a fan replacement, so also probably one of the reasons there is now a specific ‘no forwarders’ note on the shipping page.

So definitly not under warranty, though if the engineering team want another subject to dissect I’m happy to talk to support and send it back


Hi @Liam_Beaumont,

Yep, that was me. Please contact Support regardless and let them know I sent you and to be escalated to Tier 3. While you are correct this is likely CID, we’ll see what options are available. I sincerely appreciate your honesty.


So my replacement board is showing the same behavior my old motherboard did before dying.

Random shutdowns, unable to sleep with expansion cards plugged, USB malfunctions detected or showing limited functionality etc.

Just contacted Support probably 20 minutes ago but just had the same issue happen to me. I was in batch 5 or 6 cant remember. Was charging on the upper left side under medium/high duty use

Thanks for sharing this with us. Contacting support for resolution is the correct step to getting this sorted.

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Batch 4 DIY 11th gen here (1165-G7), found this thread when I was researching tb docks and just popped mine open to check. There’s no sign of melting/overheating. Do keep us posted though.

I also charge on the upper left side, have a mainboard from batch 5, and have a melted plastic cover. I noticed it because I was looking to reset the mainboard after my laptop died, but wasn’t seeing any lights on the left hand side.

Now that I see the damage, I’m guessing it might be the cause of the laptop/left USBs not working.

Is it still worth sending this in for analysis?

Edit: edited “because the USBs aren’t working” to correctly order cause and effect. Also, I contacted support ^-^

Both of the USB ports on that side don’t work?
If so, the overheating of that chip could be the reason those ports stopped working.

You have a 2nd Gen Framework? Regardless of the generation, I’d suggest contacting support.

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The overheated component does look a lot like a mosfet and it is a bit far away from the cpu to part of the vrm so if that is part of the power routing to the ports on that side it would explain the usb ports not working. That does however not mean it would be the initial cause of the problem, mosfets tend to die from issues down/upstream a lot more than just by themselves.

Very curious what support finds out. Unfortunately normal users can’t get the actual schematic and board-view, cause then you could exactly tell what component that was and what it was connected to.

I believe it’s one of these EMZB08P03 MOSFETs.

The number on the chips can be read here [IN TICKET] Piece of mainboard partially melted - #6 by Yunlee, and the logo is clear in other pictures.

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Hi guys, firing up an older thread but, we’ve got 1 of 24 of our framework laptops doing this same thing. Mosfets show up to 302F/150C while plugged into a 20v 45w PD power supply. If I can get the computer to boot without flashing codes, it boots with zero USB port functionality and no errors in the device manager. Tried installing latest bios release and it then failed to boot. Anyone having luck getting these boards replaced being out of warranty?


Mosfets can get pretty hot, but if you’re seeing parts of the mainboard melting, you should absolutely contact support so that they can look over the hardware and help you with a possible replacement.