[SOLVED] Burned chip on 11th gen mainboard a month after warranty

Around Friday my brother came to me about his laptop no longer turning on. The power led would turn on for a couple of seconds, turn off, then show a code through the right-side led only. Below is a video.

LED Code

I looked up a guide to interpret the code but couldn’t figure it out. Messaging support didn’t help either. Plugging the AC adapter into the left side wouldn’t turn on the led. During a mainboard reset the left side led also did not flash. Knowing the warranty had expired, I opened the laptop to diagnose the issue. Inside I found a burned chip, on the left side of the mainboard.

I don’t know what this chip is. I don’t know if it only affects the led or both the led and the left side ports. It has to be important though, as the laptop won’t turn on without it.

My brother has been using the framework adapter and none other. He claims to have never plugged anything dangerous into the laptop. When I opened the laptop, I did find weird markings on the battery and around some of the flat areas such as the top of the slots for the expansion cards. Any help is appreciated; I am stuck and don’t know what to do. I have not seen anyone else with this problem, and am willing to work along every step. Support has been no help, as they told me it’s not fixable and to just buy another mainboard.

Thanks to zerofixgiven, a thread of the same issue was found. Here’s a link. Guess I got unlucky with the timing :confused: And according to my brother, he used it for light browsing, homework, and CAD programs.

I guess you did not find this thread. Maybe it helps.


@zerofixgiven tysm for the post, it helped explain a lot, and I’m glad I wasn’t the first.
idk what to do though, having the warranty expired and all that. Really don’t want to pay for something that was out of my control.

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Should be a Charging IC overheating? Idk why your board is bricked… Your best bet is to send it to a repair shop I guess.

If this was your brother’s laptop than technically, he is on the line for it. :slight_smile:

I’m joking of course. The problem for those of us on the forum reading your story is that we have NO IDEA how the device was used, how it was placed during that use, and the duration of the use. In short all we have are the pictures provided here.

The counterpoint from my own experience is that I have 2 FW computers, both outside of their warranty, and I have not seen a single issue like this.

This is unfortunate, BUT one bright side might be that a 12th gen mainboard can be the replacement board. I would also try to understand the usage case of your brother to maybe further diagnose the issue. If it is a use case contributing to the problem that is something which can be addressed, etc.

At any rate, I’m sorry you are having this problem. If you are able to uncover any additional information, sharing it here would be good for the community.

Just a heads up for anyone following this: Duplicate thread of Piece of mainboard partially melted - #60 by ducttapegamer

TheTwistgibber replied and this is being addressed.

Thanks everyone