Loose expansion card port fix?

Is anyone having trouble with a loose expansion card slot. This is not the card itself, as I bought a new one and had the same issue. It’s the female usb-c port actually on the laptop itself. I had a wireless mouse receiver plugging into an expansion card and I think after putting it in my laptop case throughout its life had made the port loose.

Anyone got a fix for this, can the port be replaced or secured inside the laptop?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

So do you have more than 1 USB C expansion card, and is it the same in another.

  • If it is, it’s the mouse male plug
  • if it OK in another then yes the USB C port is worn.

In the latter you can ask support how many times it can be used,

Do devices in the port malfunction?

If there is no warranty issue you can disassemble the expansion card and crimp the USB C female port to make it a bit tighter.

Yeah, I’ve tried it on a completely new one and it’s still the same. The USB device loses the connection when plugged in and the cables moved around - it’s very temperamental.

Would this be covered under warranty? I’d rather they do it than me tbh but if it’s an easy fix I can give it a go.

Cheers for the reply/help

Sounds like you need to raise a support ticket and work through their debug process.
It will probably be Thursday or Friday befor ethey get back to you if you put in a ticket immediately.