Inconsistent function row keys in marketing pics

I noticed that the main site and blog posts feature two slightly different keyboard layouts with a different set of function row keys. The first one is
esc | mute | vol- | vol+ | mute mic | play/pause | brightness- | brightness+ | project | wifi | bluetooth | prtscr | framework | del
and can be seen here:

the second is
esc | mute | vol- | vol+ | prev | play/pause | next | brightness- | brightness+ | project | airplane mode | prtscr | framework | del
as shown here:

Which layout should we expect to see on the final, shipped product?


Great catch! We actually switched to the second layout during development, because some of the functions in the first layout would have required driver development that we didn’t want to take on.


Cool–I definitely like having those dedicated media keys. And I’m assuming mic mute went away since there’s already a hardware switch for it up on the bezel.

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Yep, it seemed redundant, but also confusing since the button wouldn’t do anything if the switch has the mic turned off.

I really like that the framework team here answers every question completely and transparent!

Brings you a lot of trust :wink:

What will the “framework” button do?

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Right now it just opens your default browser and takes you to the Framework website. Further down our roadmap, we plan to develop a configuration and diagnostics tool which that button would be able to launch (with a configuration option to be able to remap the button to do what you want with it).