The special edition (stealthed) keyboards have no function (fn) button logos?

I like the DIY version of Framework laptop and I love the black matte fully stealthed keyboards! But from what I’ve seen in the website of Framework laptop and the blog post about the keyboard, you fully stealth out all the buttons, including the fn function buttons, which I personally think it’s still important, so at least we could see the fn+function shortcuts on the keyboard. You know it would be a bit annoying if I want to lower the brightness but I instead pressing the media pause/play button while I’m currently listening to music, right? :sweat_smile: Or maybe, we’ll forgot there’s an “Fn Lock” feature in the escape button for example.

But it’s my personal opinion tho, maybe other community member here could share your opinion or consideration of using the cool blank (stealthed) keyboards but without the function buttons logos? Thank you!


I like the logos too, they help me see what the heck I’m doing.


+10000 for at least having the Super (“windows” for most people) key and ctrl/alt/Fn keys on there…we kinda need em

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I don’t agree;
While it makes sense for windows and even most linux usecases, from my perspective the purpose of a stealth keyboard is not being bind to any specific layout, and that goes for fn keys as well. I’m pretty sure all linux distros allow changing the fn buttons and many, like arch, don’t even have default keybindings for those so the user has to define them - having them printed on the stealth keyboard as well would partly defeat the purpose.

That said, since they have said they want to support every possible layout in the future I don’t see why not adding the choice of full blank vs blank + fn symbols


I hope that both are an option for the diy kit, either one is good though