Input Module Production test adapter

I’ve designed a little board for testing input modules, this has 8 LEDs to indicate if all power rails are on as there are overcurrent protection chips on both power rails along with a 4 port USB hub so you can test 4 modules at a time, the 4 bit DIP switch is so you can individually set the SLEEP pin either high or low. I also used an FFC connector so that if you are using the original Framework design you can just use an FFC cable, or if you are using the type with pads on PCB (on the input module PCB side) you can also get a pogo pin FPC that can plug into it, I still need to validate that though, the header in the middle of the board is for the BOARD_ID signal as I was unsure of what to do with it. Is there anyone out there who would be interested in this?


Does it allow to use existing input modules as USB devices on any PC?

I’d be interested to be able to use the same scissor switches keyboard with any PC.
Just had this idea after being frustrated yet another time looking for a new keyboard on a nearly empty market, went here to check if anyone had the same idea already.

(If it works and can be bought from anyone who can spare me from manufacturing the adapter, I’d be likely to buy just the parts I need for a modular keyboard, before I’m able to afford the laptop…)

Yes, but this is more suited for production testing of input modules, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else or I will make a deck repurposing the midplate from the FW16 which would be better suited for this.