Inquiry about upcoming variants...

Is there a plan for AMD Ryzen series ? If so, will the MoBo share same form as existing Intel ones and so be interchangeable ? If so, when are we to see new variants ?

Will there be larger sizes ( up to 17 inchers) or do you plan to stick to 13 inch only ?

Do you plan to offer variations WRT display panel ( perhaps with touch option ) ?

Is 2in1 model variation in plan (with nice touch pen support) ?

Is there to have more docking adapters on bigger models ( on 15 inch and above) ?

Is there an option to have Ethernet as at least one of I/O boards ( preferrably at least 2.5G) ?


These questions have basically all been answered extensively if you would like to search for them, the forum threads regarding all these topics are very popular so they shouldn’t be hard to find

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