For those preordering the new motherboards, Which cpu config will you pick?

Hey everyone. I’m sure you all joined in on the exciting announcement earlier today.

In short, we got new Intel 13th gen and AMD 7040 CPUs for the 13inch laptop.

With that said, I’m in the cusps to preorder one until a life changing dilemma occured.

Intel? Or AMD?

I will be honest. I have not followed up in the latest tech trends. I don’t feel confident I can find the right info and make a purchasing decision soon.

I only do basic tasks, with little use for advanced computing. Rendering stuff is for my desktop.

The most important aspect for me would be battery life and thermals.

Which will you guys order, and why?

What would be the better option for myself?

I hope you all a splendid day.

Pre-ordered the AMD Ryzen 7 Variant!

I was just thinking the other day, how nice it would be to have a laptop with DDR5 and today’s announcement answered that and it’s even better because AMD is an option.

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I’d hate to say it but there is tooo many choices now lol…Don’t get me wrong I think the announcements were fantastic and it’s nice to see Framework does listen to customer input (finally the AMD fanboys can STFU)… I knew I was going to upgrade my 11th gen intel eventually (as long as none of my old stuff went to ewaste) … but I am not sure what upgrade path to take now, I game a lot on my framework (eGPU) so you would think the upcoming 16" rig is much more my speed but it’s also a 16" laptop… For the portability part /work, I would prefer my 13" size… but I also don’t want to have two laptops and besides a NAS I don’t have desktops anymore… the best bet (for me anyways) is to just sit back and let everyone else get whatever models they want and review them… can make a better decision down the road when there is price drops muuuhahahhaa.


Some interesting info about 7840U (I guess 13 inch laptops will use the U moniker):

So, yeah, I got one preordered. :smiley:

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Right now? Ryzen 7 to replace an i5-1240P. However, I do have an HP Elitebook 845G9 with a Ryzen 5 pro 6650U, and based on how Framework finalizes the APU pick I might change that order later on. The concern here is how much heat it throws out, how it’ll impact battery runtime, and whether the Ryzen 7/Radeon 780M is worth the almost 200 dollar premium over the Ryzen 5/Radeon 760M. I expect some GPU-side issues at platform delivery in April…but hopefully AMD will sort them out as time rolls on.


Ryzen 5 to replace my i7-1165G7. Don’t really need the extra power in my case, I mostly just browse and do some coding occasionally. I wasn’t gonna upgrade, or was contemplating the i5-1340P… It just kinda ended up in my cart though…

I wanted to pre-order a Ryzen 7, but I think they’re out of stock or not available yet???

Also, the ‘best’ Ryzen mainboard is $699 vs $1099 for the ‘best’ 13th gen i7. Why so much cheaper - I want to try AMD, but if the i7 is a better performer I think I’d stick there… don’t know what to order… yet. (And hoping the AMD 7 becomes available to pre-order.)

If my read is correct, they filled Batch 1 pre-orders for Ryzen 7. Likely they’ll be announcing Batch 2 with a further delivery date soon. EDIT: Yep, looks like Batch 2 is now up targeting Late Q3. The mainboard on the marketplace is still showing as out of stock though.

Will be difficult to know the performance comparisons until AMD’s 7040 release in April. Ryzen will have the benefit of DDR5 at the very least. Based on recent gens performance depends on the application but AMD has better efficiency across the board.

So I would get a new motherboard… if AMD didn’t require DDR5. I am thinking of getting the 16 AMD laptop instead (My gaming laptop has a 1060 in it so it’s about time)