Intel identifies Framework as having Tunderbolt 4 - Did we get Certification?

I have been struggling with networking access in windows and went to Intel’s website to download the Intel Driver Suppor Assistant. It happily identifies the system as having Thunderbolt 4.
Is that new? I just reinstalled windows and did not see the TB4 info last time.

You might want to see this thread Thunderbolt 4 (there are numerous others as well). In a nutshell: the hardware does support Thunderbolt, but it is not offically certified as that (yet), hence Framework cannot officially claim Thunderbolt compatibility.

Interesting question, I wonder if Framework just has not gotten the official word yet, but internal Intel has?


Most likely the program is identifying that the hardware is compatible. It’s highly unlikely that it knows whether a specific end product is certified or not.

I don’t know that it’s highly unlikely. Intel is the one that manages Thunderbolt certification, so it stands to reason they’d have a list of PCI IDs corresponding to certified hardware. There’s no reason the driver assistant wouldn’t be able to identify them.

Then again, considering it’s a standard and the device is supposed to be TB4 compatible, it’s also entirely possible the updater just checks for the TB4 device class.