I’m disappointed there is still no official word on Thunderbolt certification. The first laptops are due to be sent out later this month and people really should know what they are being asked to buy.

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If I had to guess Intel will need to certify a copy of the full production model, which larger shops can provide pretty early, but smaller shops like framework can’t necessarily. I’m not worried, since they have said they’ve tested it with egpu docks (about as bandwidth hoggy as you can get) and say it works great.


I don’t understand the technical aspects. I am sure it has been designed to work as Thunderbolt. The only thing that concerns me is whether, when attaching a Thunderbolt peripheral, like a dock, something checks whether the port hardware is officially certified and stops it taking full advantage if it is not. If someone knowledgeable could put my mind at rest, I will be content.

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Pyro has it right is my bet.

Intel signs off on the cert would make the most sense, and the advertisement thereof. There is probably additional cost to doing that, which if it performs as it should (like they tested) I couldn’t care less about :slight_smile:

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