Intel Meteor Lake

Seems like more information has been released for Meteor Lake, quite excited to see how will it perform when Framework launches it in the 13" configuration.

A longer battery life and a better GPU (sad that Intel removed hardware ASTC) is awesome, but waiting for real life benchmarks.


Really interesting, but as I feel like I heard someone say, Intel really isn’t doing great!
There really isn’t a reason to get this CPU over the 7840.

Maybe I’m just prejudiced because I despised the live presentation though (mentioning AI so many times in one presentation gets sickening).

Would be curious as to see what other people think!

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I think Meteor Lake TOPs exceeded expectations I think.

I am still wondering if it is really worth the upgrade over Alder Lake, though if without optimisations the battery beats mine by loads, maybe it is worth it?

That being said, the H series which I am guessing what we will have is 28W but boosts up to 64W, I remember the Framework 13 cooler can only do up to 60W and 30W sustained so not sure about that.

Wow the reviews are coming out for other systems:

The iGPU and battery life looks really nice.

That being said, considering Thread Director is software, perhaps for Linux the CPU governors can be adjusted for Alder Lake and Raptor Lake? (maybe bring some kind of battery life improvement)

Also, one of the reviews pointed out the run to run variability is concerning too.

Wow, just saw MLID’s:

The RAM speed pushing iGPU bandwidth is concerning considering Framework will be socketed which is like 5600MHz


There’s one reason for me to consider this over the AMD options offered by Framework, and it’s to have Thunderbolt on all four ports. IMO having to think about which ports are USB4/USB3.2/USB3.2/DP defeats the purpose of the Framework laptop with its swappable ports (though this might be a non-issue to most people). Furthermore, the iGPU performance still appears to be quite impressive.

As someone with an 11th gen board, a Meteor Lake board would certainly be an upgrade.


Ah, I posted on the discord, but forgot to post here.
Here is a video with actual benchmarks though: BiliBili
If you speak Mandarin, it’d definetly be easier to understand, but the graphs should be relatively clear.
It’s really a pity we don’t have anyone getting real data for the Western audiences (cause no offense to Dave2D and Canucks, but their channels are purely qualitative).

That’s definitely a good point!
While it doesn’t affect me since I’d just keep my 2 USB-A cards in the front, I can see why this would bother some people :slight_smile:


I am actually very concerned about the extremely high speed LPDDR5 that the units are using which for Framework would be a much slower SODIMM.

I guess will wait for reviews and probably them selling mainboards after that (probably get the 61Wh battery too), then sell away my Alder Lake 1260p. If the iGPU reviews (Arc with 5600MHz DDR5 vs Iris Xe with 3200MHz DDR5) and battery reviews don’t turn out that well, I’ll keep my 1260p.

  • More stable firmware and drivers.
  • Certified Thunderbolt 4 on all four ports.
  • Better software support (for the GPU and the NPU).
  • Potential for Wi-Fi 7.
  • Potential for PCIe 5.0 storage (not that I think anyone should put PCIe 5.0 drives in a laptop).
  • I do expect some teething issues from adding another tier of cores
  • Can’t really argue with that, that is imo the main advantage of the intel platform even if they share bandwidth
  • That’s also a kinda game support has the same issues as the desktop xe graphics have with some games underperforming massively. Though having hardware decoders that won’t murder the battery would be nice. On the npu side with amd not even trying on linux it’s hard not to beat that XD
  • Why would the amd not get wifi7 one someone else than intel makes nics for it or the be200 crashing the absolute hell out of the amd board gets resolved. Hell I put wifi6 cards in laptops that barely shipped with 4 so this really isn’t an issue unless you somehow want to use a weird proprietary interface for it.
  • Can’t argue with that.