Intel Core Ultra 7 Meteor Lake in Framework 13?

Will you guys (Framework) be adding Intel Core Ultra 7 (Meteor Lake releasing December 21)? Also, when are you guys releasing this motherboard/laptop? It would be great for my graphics design and my video editing.


We don’t know until Framework announces it, they’re usually quite tight lipped about it.

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Is there like size constraints that will end the upgradability of current framework laptops cuz what if the core ultra chips are way bigger in size than 11th, 12th and 13th gen Intel CPUs?

Laptop cpu package sizes have been pretty consistent for quite a while, I highly doubt that would be the limiting factor here.

On the server side on the other hand the things just keep getting bigger XD

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Hey, out of curiosity. I know it has been only a month, but are there any information regarding an Intel Ultra chip for the F13? I’d love the mac-like power efficiency :pray:
Also does someone know if that would also fix battery draining problems in Windows sleep or is that purely related to the awful Windows Modern Standby?

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seems to be lagging behind AMD (tdmc…) again.
Lets Just buy a 5nm or even 3nm AMD cpu :wink:

Not exactly.

Intel and TSMC have different methods of measuring mode sizes. Intel has claimed that their 7 nm node is actually comparable to TSMC 4 nm, although based on the numbers I’ve seen it actually seems to be similar to TSMC 5 nm.

However the Core Ultra CPUs actually use 3 different nodes. They use Intel 7 nm (see above) for the cores, TSMC 5 nm for the iGPU, TSMC 6 nm for the I/O die (the part that handles things like docking stations), and TSMC 6 nm for the SOC Tile (which is essentially a small low power CPU within the larger CPU so that under light load the rest of the CPU can be powered off while the SOC Tile does everything).

It is still behind AMD though who uses TSMC 4 nm for everything on their current laptop CPUs and a mixture of 5 nm and 6 nm on desktop (on desktop Intel still uses Intel’s 10 nm process, which they claim is comparable to TSMC 7 nm and based on what I’ve seen that does seem accurate IMO).

It has been months, still nothing from Framework official :thinking:

Have you tried contacting directly not through the forum?

Nope, and I think they won’t disclose anything before announcing it.

heard there isn’t a big difference in performance (at least for Meteor Lake on desktop CPUs). Guess we just have to wait until the new architecture for Framework to release a new 13in

btw there are ways to reduce standby time, including making it go to sleep after a period of time instead of simply going on standby. Making it go to sleep uses 10x less power, I’ve found

Isn’t Standby the same as sleep.

There is the auto where Standby is sleep but can go to hibernate after a specific battery drop or time.

Yes but we are going off topic. So bye.

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