Intel Wireless Bluetooth® version 22.180.0

I use the Intel Driver and Support Assistant in Windows 11.

Today it recommended three software updates. I chose not to install the Arc Graphics driver as there doesn’t seem to be much point as I never play games and there is no discrete GPU in the Framework.

I installed the new wifi drivers without a problem.

However, I have tried twice to install the new Bluetooth but both times my system first completely locks up for about 20 minutes and then I get a BSOD.

Has everyone else managed to update their Bluetooth to 22.180 without issues? Any suggestions?

Not bluetooth related but I’ve seen something similar with USB3 on my mothers laptop.

What it turned out to be is intel stupidly reused the pci ids for the next generation of controller, the driver is not actually compatible, and their website will also give you the wrong (i.e haswell not ivy bridge) one. trying to install the haswell usb3 driver on an ivy bridge system causes a bsod, but at no point does anything tell you it’s the wrong driver and as the pci ids were reused the system will accept it and try to install/use it.

Thanks, @Peter_Schofield. I tried once more with downloading the file first from the Intel website, rather than using the Assistant, but with the same result. So I’ve blocked that particular update and will wait for another one. My Bluetooth is working fine already so I have no need to update.

I would be interested to hear, though, if anyone else has had the same issue with this update.

Thank for the update. I see it [22.180.02] is available and will not update :slight_smile: