Internships for college students

I’m currently a student at University and love framework’s mission and product (I own a 12th gen laptop) and was wondering if there were any plans to take interns at some point. Given the age of the company I’m not sure it is in the plans of the near feature, but I’m sure there are others like me who would love to intern at framework. I personally really enjoy working with computers and programming, and I also love my framework, so having the opportunity to intern at the company would be amazing. Also I apologize if this has been asked/answered before, I didn’t see anything about it but I may have missed some questions.



Well, I am also a student at an engineering university, studying Computer Engineering, and would love to see a possibility for internships. I think it could be used as a great introduction to the industry.

I think for these types of questions its better to contact Framework directly.

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@Anachron is right, the other users on the forum aren’t going to have more information on this. It would be nice for them to offer intern opportunities in the future though, allowing students to participate in making the future more repairable is a great idea!

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