Introducing the Framework Laptop 16

It’s interesting to note that the keyboard also replaces the rather annoying full-height left and right arrows with ones that are consistently sized with the up-and-down. It will be nice if this change eventually comes to a keyboard for the 13 as well.


I don’t need to have a 11th gen Intel Framework 13, a Ryzen 7 Framework 13, AND a Ryzen (???) Framework 16.

But dammit, by the end of the year I’m gonna.
(hopefully :D)


How to choose between glossy and matte display when ordering a new DIY? I don’t see an option.


… those links are both 404s on GitHub. Congrats on the launch! :slight_smile:


Maybe I’ve failed to read, but will there be an upgrade path/kit from the 13" to 16"?

Would love to own a 16", but also don’t want to create ewaste by bailing on the 13" completely


We are switching over to the new matte display and they are pre-installed at the factory. We will still have some original display kits available should someone want to purchase them as a Marketplace item.




It seems that info will be available soon, ref: the initial post above


Nothing announced, but I bet the community would be crazy enough to find tiny USB-C extension cables and print some brackets to fit the smaller 4 port “13-inch” boards into the larger 6 port case. The touchpad and keyboard will probably be tricky, but again this place is full of crazies.

Personally, my 11th gen board would be retired into a FrameNUC via the CoolerMaster case, and the 4 port Ryzen board would probably get duct taped into a home-made SteamDeck. Or maybe I’ll make a couple of tablets. Or print up something to rackmount 'em.


@ParticleCannon Oh right! Forgot the port changes due to its size increase. Ok! Not a big problem. Maybe I’ll just continue the upgrade path on the 13 inch

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I love the idea!

What I’d really love for a “medium” sized input module would be navigation and arrow keys in the same configuration that you find them on full sized keyboards. I find that the awkwardness of where they get crammed into on laptops is often what turns me off from using laptops in general, as I rely on them for various shortcuts and navigation of text files.

Just pre-ordered a 13th gen mainboard for my current FW, but may very well opt for this once more info comes out and pre-orders go live. I don’t need the upgrade for my workload, but battery life improvement would be nice.

I want to see what the dGPU support is going to look like. They probably have someone on board with a modular/upgradeable design before announcing it. I’m guessing its AMD or Intel and not Nvidia.


I had always used a 15" laptop before I bought FW13 last year, I was really missing the num pad. Excel is little more conveniant to use with a num pad. I’m glad this will give me options and more power?

Give us Specs please and take my money too.


Will you guys be offering some sort of buy-back program? To send the 13 inch back and get a small discount on the 16 inch version? That way you can also use those parts for the future generation of “refurbished” 13 inch.


Unfortunately no. We do encourage second-hand sales and parts trading amongst the Community. Warranties are transferrable!


@TheTwistgibber While disappointing to hear, Thank you for providing the most comprehensive answer on that yet!


With a proper GPU expansion bay module, would you guys still recommend an external GPU enclosure? Given the Thunderbolt 4 limitations (and the current thunderbolt controllers used by eGPU enclosures).

I know a desktop-class Nvidia 3060 for example will outperform a laptop’s 3060, and also that a 3060 in a eGPU enclosure will be subpar to the desktop 3060… But will a expansion bay 3060 be on-par with a regular laptop 3060? or subpar? and if it’s weaker, will a thunderbolt 4 eGPU dock provide better performance than a direct connection?

With the budget I had, I was thinking of either getting a Dell XPS 13 with Nvidia GPU, or the Framework 12th gen 1280P (spoiler alert, I picked the framework). Alongside the other pros that Framework has over the competition, I also liked the upgradability. Hence why I decided to get a Framework and an eGPU instead of a laptop with a dedicated GPU. Because that way, in 2-3 years’ time, I can upgrade the GPU no problem (alongside the Framework mainboard).


Absolutely speechless. I didn’t think it would be possible to make a 16" laptop enticing to me. A new upgradeable graphics form factor? Better speakers? A customizable RGB input cover with an RP2040-based module ecosystem??? This product will be a resounding success in the gaming, maker, productivity, media, and creative markets (and if an AMD gpu module is available, Linux will flock to this hardware platform even more so than it already is). Cannot wait!


That’ll depend on the die used but at the very least since it will be x8 PCIe Gen 4, it’ll have more bandwidth available than current eGPU offerings based on Thunderbolt 3/4.


I’m beyond excited to see the comparison. TB3 is four lanes, so at the very least the bottleneck will be significantly reduced.