Introducing the Framework Laptop 16

Unfortunately highly unlikely due to the small vertical space available for the modules (around 1-3 mm). Like even if you could get a speaker in that size, it would probably sound way worse than one of a more appropriate size that fires down.

Hi @Kelly_Wu, while I was reading through the thread I didn’t see anyone respond to this, so:

Yes, in the LTT video Linus demonstrates the trackpad can be positioned off-center (to the left or right) so it sits directly below the home keys in case a numpad is in use.

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oooooooooh what a good name idea


This is the real game changer for people doing demanding works on laptops. I wish it was sold in my country too.

So glad this happened even though I just bought the 14" version :joy:
This is truly needed in the power/gaming laptop space I hope it’s a great success.

Nice to see you term the 13.5" as 14 and not 13

So many downgrade it.

Mathematically anything from 13.5 to less that 14.5 in two significant figures is 14.

So yes and thank you for standing with measurement conventions, but I do stick to 13.5 not 13.4 which would be 13 :slight_smile: or 13.6 which would still be 14"

Maybe I better measure but can I do this within a tenth of an inch and it better be over as there is no 13.5 just an approximation.

13.5" is 342.9mm

Official specs

Dimensions: 297mmx 9mm x 229 Width: 13.5 in (34.3 cm)

So if it really is 34.3cm we are go for 14" but is that the overall glass size or the active area ?

According to this post the screen is
212.28 in height and 289.993 in width which gives a diagonal of 359.386614176154, so that’s a bit to play with.

Another post gives 285.5 x 191 which gives a diagonal of 343.49854439284

  • Well 343.49 is over 13.5"

Update: :frowning:

Measuring the pixel d.width I get 343, which is just inder 13.5" so a 13" screen could be the better description Oops!

AH! found exact specs apparently

Width: 284.933 | Height: 189.995 >> Diagonal: 342.468851888752

Active area:: 342.469mm = a little over 13.48" so back to being a 13" screen

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I see mention of keyboard, but what about trackpad? Is that also changeable? Particularly something like the older thinkpads/elitebooks and other workbooks with physical buttons on top and bottom and pointer on the keyboard?

Kind of like this:

Or if buttons on both sides isn’t an option, then at least 1 side but flippable so we can choose if we want it on top or bottom

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Theoretically yes but I didn’t see any options currently available.

It is certainly changeable, but there isn’t a need for a different touchpad, but I am working on something haptic for a certain FW16. Will share more details once I’m allowed to by the manufacturer. (NDAs exist)


@Josh_Cook Sounds Exciting, looking forward to hearing more when permitted.

I completely disagree, the framework one is one of the worst I’ve ever used. I want a smaller, fixed touchpad with physical buttons if I can’t have a trackball.

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Hmm! A fixed pad with buttons, seems reasonable, however I’d prefer a fixed pad with no buttons, I always double tap etc. Surely just about everyone is used to a mobile phone with a fixed finger interface.

this is entirely the problem. Phone !== computer. far too many companies are trying to conflate the two, this is exactly where microsoft’s stupid new ‘metro’ UI came from.

@Peter_Schofield I rather like the metro UI and it’s been around for long enough that I don’t think you can call it ‘new’. Like it or not, phones are computers and have the power to do basic tasks competently.

Having said that, I get where you are coming from. I’ve recently given up on trying to figure out how to consistently get the right click to work like I’m used to and instead moved to a 2-finger click representing a right click. It’s new to me but at least it is consistent.

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There most definitely is a need. I personally disable tap to click on laptops cause its bound to get false positives and clickpads puts a lot of strain on the finger. The whole point of framework other than repairability is also so that we can get these kind of customization right?

Try to program on a phone or do an excel spreadsheet on a phone with just touch. It isn’t impossible but it is torturing yourself. We buy stuff for our own convenience, not to torture ourselves. Touch is fine for consumption, but not for productivity

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I’ve never had that problem in 30 years

That however could well be an issue, but I didn’t really use my thumbs for proper switches and less pressure is needed for a double tap that a click of any sort.

Still options for real buttons and no clicks would be appreciated by some, but I haven’t seen that option in a laptop before and I can’t see Framework wanting to make a few different types and sizes of touchpads.

I’m really hoping this will have coreboot support and the ability to disable Intel ME. If it does, then it’d be an extremely solid competitor to the Star Labs StarFighter.

I refuse to buy AMD so long as it has Microsoft Pluton, no or weak coreboot support, and the inability to disable PSP.

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There hasn’t been a laptop I haven’t had that problem with. Maybe it is just usage difference

While double tapping requires less pressure it does require double motion and you have flat resistance instead of a spring to absorb the pressure. These things may not seem much for an hour or 2 of work, but try for 10+ hours

They don’t need to make different sizes, it can be same size. Just add buttons.

Thinkpads still have buttons for trackpoint. So do top end hp zbook workstations. Again, what is the point of customization if you only have 1 option.

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I can but I see them charging extra as an add on. I don’t see them offering a design lab where the entire laptop can be customized at checkout.

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I think they should make everything available at checkout (even if it is under some “advanced” menu that takes you to the marketplace), or at least give option not to include it and install one yourself. One of the goals is less waste right? What do you do with the stuff you don’t need?