Introduction & Question re Conflict Minerals

I am new here and just learned about this laptop after me and my partner had a discussion about Fairphone. As a former electronics tech who also did BGA board level repairs, this laptop is a wonderful piece of kit and a MASSIVE game changer, upgrading CPU via new logic boards? I’m down when my Surface laptop has no life left in it (the RAM is my main bottleneck I’m likely to come up against, and its soldered), this will be my next upgrade. Id be the first to try and replace an SMD fuse or part on a broken board, for example, but fully modular parts is a game changer for the average joe and even techs who can do repairs it can change a several hour repair job to minutes.

But I am curious as to Frameworks’ stance on Conflict Minerals. Some manufacturers (like Fairphone, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung etc) seem to have very high ratings for removing conflict minerals in their supply chains.

How does this affect Frameworks’ parts? Are parts if bought from them made this way, conflict low/free? This could be a very interesting selling point if this is also something that is done here, as it is a factor I use in purchases.

Lovely forum, laptop and community. Hope you are all well!