Lowest cost GPU option for small form factor desktop?

Hi all, I am considering a small form factor desktop using the framework mainboard. The only thing is that I am looking to incorporate a full size GPU for a decent price. I realize I could buy an eGPU enclosure and harvest the thunderbolt to PCI slot, but that feels like an expensive waste. I am considering using a type C to m.2 for the boot drive and using the m.2 slot with an adapter to PCIe. Does anyone see any issues with that? There are obviously bandwidth limitations for both of those, but I don’t see that as a big deal. Anyone have other thoughts?

This should work but you’d be the first to do it as far as I’m aware.

Do let us know how it goes!

I need to do some cost/benefit analysis first and decide if I want to put the effort in. I’d love the idea of supporting Framework though and really want a small form factor rig. A second opinion that it should be possible though was my first step. So we will see.

This type of setup has worked with other laptops in the past (egpu.io actually recommends it for better egpu performance when you’re not actively moving the laptop, which in your case you absolutely wouldn’t be). I can’t wait to see the result!

Oh interesting! I wouldn’t have expected that. Anyone have recommendations on adapters/etc?

Looks like Walmart of all places has the R43SG for $68. Type C to SATA seems easy. So does the Type C to NMVE. Ideally a front panel hub with a couple USB Type A ports and audio ports that connects via a Type C would exist. I am having trouble finding that.

Edit: maybe this would work Amazon.com

Make sure it isn’t meant for a SSD as the controllers in them are for mass storage not exposing the PCIe lanes.