Is MY keyboard backlit?

Sure, a simple yes/no is fine but… I thought these had a backlit keyboard. I don’t see a button, if I’m just dumb. Are they?

For, I saw a blog post ABOUT lighted keyboards and… I have my laptop after a huge delay with FedEx - and us customers NEED that store already. I want to order a bezel, another 1GB port drive, and a BACKLIT keyboard if this one doesn’t have one. (It totally should for the price.)

Can you post a link to the store where I can buy all of the things I need? If not - why? When? Why not now - we’re ready to rock you with sales… lets go.

It was a little counterintuitive to me at first too.

Fn + Spacebar is what you want (the icon on the left part of the spacebar). It has 3 levels of brightness for the backlight, and that toggles between them.


Beautiful!! This hardware is AWESOME; we just gotta come together and open-source a tiny few [good, WORKING Linux fixes…] MacBookPro level trackpad, tapping, clicking and gestures please! No 33% right clicking. :stuck_out_tongue:

But… with great hardware, that they charge for - have 2 software engineers whip up beautiful Linux solutions in 2 weeks. ???

Thank you - the keyboard is nicer now!!


One year and 6 months later, I realize my keyboard is backlit… :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


You are not alone


Welcome to the light Norman :bulb:

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Then turn it off cause it uses power XD

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I was in a couple of months myself. It wasn’t until a comment like this that I learned how. Same with quoting text.


What do you mean re the quoting text @Richard3 ? I find the quote text key can behave oddly…

Just grab the text and hit “quote” from the floating menu.

It’s enough to know the option is there. Because there are times I need it.

It was a joke, backlit keyboards are very nice to have.