Is MY keyboard backlit?

Sure, a simple yes/no is fine but… I thought these had a backlit keyboard. I don’t see a button, if I’m just dumb. Are they?

For, I saw a blog post ABOUT lighted keyboards and… I have my laptop after a huge delay with FedEx - and us customers NEED that store already. I want to order a bezel, another 1GB port drive, and a BACKLIT keyboard if this one doesn’t have one. (It totally should for the price.)

Can you post a link to the store where I can buy all of the things I need? If not - why? When? Why not now - we’re ready to rock you with sales… lets go.

It was a little counterintuitive to me at first too.

Fn + Spacebar is what you want (the icon on the left part of the spacebar). It has 3 levels of brightness for the backlight, and that toggles between them.


Beautiful!! This hardware is AWESOME; we just gotta come together and open-source a tiny few [good, WORKING Linux fixes…] MacBookPro level trackpad, tapping, clicking and gestures please! No 33% right clicking. :stuck_out_tongue:

But… with great hardware, that they charge for - have 2 software engineers whip up beautiful Linux solutions in 2 weeks. ???

Thank you - the keyboard is nicer now!!


One year and 6 months later, I realize my keyboard is backlit… :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: