Is new framework 12th gen suitable for CAD?

Im looking to buy a laptop for CAD and adobe programs; want to make a long term investment. The New framework 12th gen i7 seems to have all the specs needed, like RAM and CPU, but i’m not sure if the Intel Xe GPU will also handle CAD (my computer knowledge is rather poor). Help!

Is this for work / business? Or hobby / education?

Tool for earning a living or tool for expense?

Have you been a professional designer / engineer / architect…and have always had the hardware provisioned to you from work? What have you been accustomed to work with?

So, my $0.02 on this as a hobbyist with a hobbyist non-commercial version of Fusion 360. The 11th gen i7 worked adequately for my uses. The most complex model I have made on the device, and it seemed to work well enough was re-creating rooms from my house to assist in spatial planning. The models include items like cabinets, appliances, fixtures, and furniture.

While it does not replace my desktop, and I had to turn off a lot of the visual flair, it was adequate and most of the time did well with moving around the model and incorporating new elements. I expect however that for much more complex items, like ‘actual’ 3D models, and running simulations on it, it will not perform well in that task.

The 12th gen sees a nice bump to performance, I suspect it will perform adequately to simpler items with not a lot of facets. For more advanced models, using it at a desk, with an eGPU might be the way to go depending on which tool you’re using and if it ‘can’ utilize a d/eGPU.

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