Can Solidworks run on a Framework machine?

I’m new to 3D modeling and curious as to whether a Framework laptop can run Solidworks. And if so which components should be chosen? 11th generation? I’m not into pre-orders and waiting.

Get at least 16GB of Ram.
I’m not to sure personally about what graphics performance is needed for SOLIDWORKS- but this thread may be of help to you! (Remember that the i7 CPUs have 20% more graphical performance then i5!)

You’ll be fine:

If Iris Xe isn’t up to scratch for your needs…then you’re looking into Quadros, that pushes you over to mobile workstations.

Mind you, to my knowledge, Iris Xe isn’t officially supported. These days, you can get a used P52 for well under $1k CAD. So, maybe the used market if you want to go with a supported hardware spec.

Solidworks without an officially supported “professional” graphics card heavily benefits from single core cpu performance. There probably wont be a noticeable difference between the two generations without running large simulations or assemblies.(Yes it definitely can!)

I’ve been designing a ruggedized framework in solidworks on my framework lol. But yeah I’ve also opened some massive assemblies and it’s been alright.
I have an 11th gen i7 and 32g of Ram, although I think 16g is plenty, and if you have a 12th gen even the i5 would probably be alright.

Just putting this here for almost Nov 2022:

Let’s hope AMD’s Radeon RX is coming to Framework…