Is there anything I can do about the fan noise?

I was using virtual studio yesterday and my fan got really loud to the point where people across the room could hear it. It got really loud again when I was watching a youtube video. Is there anything I could do to make it quieter? I love the framework but the fan noise is making it hard for me to take it to school without it being a distraction in class for everyone and myself.

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Hi there and welcome on the forum 🫡

If you’re using windows a little trick is to use ‘eco mode’ with a leaf on it. You can trigger it by clicking on the battery in the task bar.

It tends to lower the fan, but will alter a bit your performance on heavy app

Hope it help :smile:

What is the CPU load and temperature? Could you measure it with taskmgr and coretemp and keep an eye on it?

Perhaps there are background process who keeps the CPU sweating so to speak.

Edit: Did you take a look on other posts about high CPU load or high temperature, like this one for example: Dealing with High CPU Temperatures

A bit surprised no one has mentioned it yet, but setting your maximum proccessor state in windows power plan to 99% disables turbo, and the fan almost never becomes audible in this setting.
Throttlestop is a better alternative, but it’s harder to set up.

If neither of these 2 work maybe look into EC tool.
Could also just be that you’re thermal paste/mounting is good.

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