Is this a feature or cosmetic defect?

Noticed there is a tiny notch on the right hand side of the chassis just below the meeting point of the 2 right spacers, before I even lifted the DIY plastic shield. Is it there by design or is it a minor cosmetic flaw?

It’s a guide post for the mid-plate. See step 12 in the quick start guide : Framework Laptop 16 DIY Edition Quick Start Guide - Framework Guides

It looks like a tiny ding in the aluminum, but I can’t say for sure. Is it visible with the input modules installed? It seems like it would be, but I don’t know.

im pretty sure they mean the ding on the edge, not the post

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Oops. I completely missed that. :joy:

< Goes off to clean my glasses>

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What do you guys say I should do?
Is there a way to remedy it without having to ship it back to Taiwan? Feels like it’s a bit too minor and eco-unfriendly for that but then for someone as attentive to details as I am it gets in my face and I will never get to not notice it. I am also prepared to use the laptop (chassis) for the long run so it’s kinda annoying to live with

This is also the most expensive laptop and the longest wait I have ever had btw

Yeah the ding is visible even with everything set up

Tough call. I wouldn’t send it back for something that minor, but I wouldn’t notice it on a regular basis. :person_shrugging: I think that has to be a personal decision.

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Ultimately, that’s totally up to you. You could submit a support ticket to Framework with that picture (and/or a link to this thread) and ask them what your options are.

Personally, I’d probably just live with it, despite the fact that, like you, I’d never be able to “un-see” it, lol. It would bother me, but most of my laptops end up with a little ding or dent at some point over the years and I have learned to just live with it. Your situation is worse because it came that way, but I also hate dealing with returns and shipping and such. So I’d probably just learn to live with it.

But that’s just me. Nobody but you can decide how much it bothers you. Hopefully you can find a path forward to being happy with the machine, whichever way you decide to go.

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There is also the option that framework ships you a new part and you install it.

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< once pre-orders finish >

They have a different inventory of spares vs units ready to assemble, so maybe if they opt to replace it you’ll have the part in this quarter :P. Can we see how visible it is fully assembled?

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I thought it would have been trivial and easy to solve and if it was on a module but this ding is on the chassis so a replacement is really awkward to pull off

I hope so but i feel like the chassis is too fundamental to the laptop to be a “part”?

Sure pls see below


I’d still report this to Framework, so they could review their processes.


The chassis certainly is replaceable, is pretty much the same as replacing the mainboard, just that you install it in a new case.

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For example:

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I’ve dealt with FW customer service many times. In every case that a part needs to be replaced they send the new part and a return label for the old part. You send the old part back after you get the new one. In fact FW is sending me an entire replacement Framework 16, I’ll send the laptop back when I get it. Just send a message to customer service and you should be squared away in a few days.


Maybe a tiny bit of touch-up paint to conceal it? It’s a laptop, so it will probably collect one or two scratches in its life, wouldn’t it?


I mean that’s the point of laptops but I’ve had the same macbook pro for 7 years with extensive plane and train travel and there is nothing that is as visible or obvious as this ding. This ding is not just a scratch but more like a deep notch

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If you decide to keep it and deal with it, I’d still let Framework know and see if you can get a slight discount on it. As long as it was like that when you received it (not something you did), then you basically received it in “Factory Seconds” condition and should be compensated as such.

Again, up to you.

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