Is this normal? (trackpad)

Is that gap pictured there normal? I cannot seem to be able to get the trackpad to seat better? Does anyone have any suggestions?

My opinion is that that is not normal, so I would reach out to Support. This reddit thread has a similar-looking trackpad module, and it was deemed out of spec:

thanks! I will contact support

Yes it is normal as far as I’ve been able to tell. If it bothers you, I had success lightly flexing the spacer back into position.

That gap looks a bit bigger than what I have on mine. I think slight deviations between each unit is expected but it seems like some people get some severe variance.

Mine is not flush, but it’s not THAT bad. Mine sticks up a bit on both sides.

I would show this picture to Framework support to see if they can send you a replacement.

Thought I would close the loop on this one and report my OUTSTANDING! customer support experience. As several of you suggested, I opened a ticket and after exchanging a few emails, photos and video, I was sent a new trackpad that fits perfectly flush. Thanks for the suggestions all.