Some keys not working

My Enter and Delete keys are working sporadically. More often not working than working. Do I just get a new keyboard or is this a bigger issue?

I’m running Windows 11 on a Framework batch 5 PC.

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What gen do you have? Have you tried cleaning the connector on the mainboard with some compressed air? Also, check to see if any of the pins are bent.


Gen 5 I’m assuming. Haven’t checked the pins or cleaning yet.

There is no gen 5. It’s either 11th gen, 12th gen, or 13th gen.

Found it, gen 11.

When you have time, definitely check the top cover connector on the mainboard as well as the keyboard ribbon cable on the touchpad. Most likely some pins on the top cover connector are not making good contact with the mainboard and that can be due to dust or bent pins. If the cable has bent pins, it’s an easier fix as you can either try to bend them back or buy a replacement cable. If the bent pins are on the mainboard however, the repair becomes trickier.

This is starting to be an issue on 11th gen. Unsure if it’s generational or just a wear issue on the input cover connector.

I didn’t find any bent pins, cleaned out my connections and the issue wasn’t resolved. I guess the next step is to swap out the keyboard. Thanks for the assistance.

I would anticipate this perhaps to be a wear issue with mainboard connector. In a normal laptop, the connector would hardly be removed but in a Framework, people will unplug it for upgrading/changing parts so there’s that. To my knowledge, all gens use the same keyboard connectors and parts. Try replacing the cable that connects to the mainboard connector first as it’s a lot cheaper than buying a whole top cover.

It’s not a connector issue related to plugging in and unplugging stuff as mine started doing that and it had been many months before I had last opened up the computer. In my case the new cover fixed things.
Also, I was unaware that the mainboard connector was a replaceable part …

I have a Dell laptop that certain number row keys have started being intermittent depending on how hard I mash down on them. I saw online videos which demonstrated taking off key caps and cleaning dust/debris from around the switch for a fix. Not sure if that’s possible with the framework, but worth a try? I’m excited for my amd framework for the option of easily replacing the keyboard though as it looks to be a much more complicated matter on my dell if I mess up with the key caps and need a new keyboard/top case …

It’s possible but another user cracked a few keys trying to do that so I’m not sure that’s the best option.

Yeah, agree! I would probably order a new keyboard and then see if I can fix the old to keep as a spare with the framework! The risk of breaking the keys and scissor mechanism on my dell has kept me from attempting it because if and when I break it it’ll be way more work to replace…

I am here to confirm a very similar issue with my own 11th gen Framework (Batch 4) as well. Specifically, my =, ], backspace, ', and enter keys sporadically work. My one question is if I do need to replace something, will a keyboard replacement be enough or will I have to buy a whole new input cover instead?

I got a new keyboard and everything is working correctly now. Just he aware that replacing the keyboard is not easy.

You could do the keyboard replacement but it’s not easy. Some people have stripped screws in the process and it can be annoying to remove them. It’s a lot easier just to replace the input cover.