[RESOLVED] Issues with Arch Linux on Framework 13 AMD

Hey all, I got my framework 13 a few weeks ago and over time ive had a few issues pop up that I havent been able to really fix.

Firstly, an issue I’ve been having when I travel is that the charger I use connects and disconnects every 2 seconds or so, and sometimes after a while will begin charging nromally. When I’m at my house and the laptop is off, this issue does not happen. I suspect it’s due to my using a 30W MacBook charger, so I’ve ordered a uGreen 65W adapter and hope that that’ll fix that issue. Something to note, I have the HDMI module plugged in, and unplugging that at times seems to make a slight difference? but im not sure.

The second issue is one ive been having since about yesterday, and I tried to have a friend fix it but they could not. So I’m running Arch Linux with KDE, and its 100% up to date. Starting yesterday, when I would close the lid or put it into sleep mode, the laptop would freeze on the lock screen and not respond to anything until I force shut it down. After some tinkering I did get it to work normally again, however today it began doing it again.

I’ve been keeping Arch up to date and also checking for any updates to the firmware fia fwupdmgr, but still these issues persist. Any help is appreciated, thank you.\

Edit: I plugged it in to the 30W Apple charger right after posting this and it began charging normally. I don’t know why it just doesnt work sometimes, but I’ll still be using that uGreen once I get it.

2nd Edit: BIOS 3.03b seems to have fixed the charging issue. However, from testing it seems the sleep issue is only when closing the lid. as the laptop goes to sleep due to inactivity normally, and so does pressing the power button and selecting sleep. Currently investigating this.

Are you on 3.03b? It includes a fix that improves charger compatibility?

im on 3.03, im not actually sure how to update the bios (nor did i know this update existed)

Instructions are here: Framework 13 AMD Ryzen 7040 BIOS 3.03b BETA

that seemed to have fixed the charging issue, thank you.

Glad to know your issue got resolved @saikosab , appreciate the speedy help @TheTRUEAsian :slight_smile:

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Regarding the freezing, have you set your regulatory domain? AMD drivers appear to not load properly until this is addressed leading to a variety of abnormal behaviors.

Any errors showing in dmesg or journalctl corresponding to the time of freeze to help guide you towards the fix?