Framework 13 (13th gen intel) not booting


My 13th gen intel laptop isn’t booting. I do not have an RTC battery. I followed the guide to unplug the battery and now my laptop is blinking codes: I can’t find any guide to resolve the codes. Any help would be appreciated. I emailed support about this 2 days ago and haven’t heard anything back. I can’t be without my laptop for much longer.

1 g
2 r
3 g
4 g
5 g
6 g
7 g
8 g
9 r
10 r
11 g
12 g
13 r
14 g
15 g
16 g
17 g
18 g
19 g
20 g
21 g

Red blinks are failed checks for

2: Power Good 3V5V supply
9: Fan detected and spins up
10: CPU reached S0 state

13 is orange, not red

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What email address did you send to?

I’d recommend using this support contact form This will help ensure your message gets to support, and also go into the right queue.

Do you happen to use / Some non-default settings on proton can cause issues.

Thanks for the responses. I found the list of codes but can’t find anything more about them.

Like 2 Power Good 3v5v supply, is this saying it’s not receiving power from the plug or the battery? Should I try using a 65W power brick instead of the default plug that came with it? In theory, the fans won’t spin up if they’re not getting power so the first thing to solve would be the power.

That is the support form that I used. I’m using Gmail.

the plug that came with it should already deliver 65W. Support should get back to you soon, it can sometimes take them a few business days to get back to you, and it may not be until early next week, but it does seem like this may be a hardware issue.

Which guide?

I would make sure that everything is connected as it should and the battery is correctly inserted (maybe wipe it with a microfiber fabric in order to remove any skin oil that might be present).

Can’t offer any more guidance beside waiting for the official support reply.

They finally got ahold of me today. Going back and forth. They seem alittle active now that they started looking at it.

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I have the same issue on the 12th gen, and submit a request via protonmail. Do I need to resubmit?
Sorry to hijack the thread a bit.

Did you receive an automated email after submitting your ticket that Framework Support will get back to you? If you didn’t get that, it’s a sign that they were unable to respond to you.


It took them about a week to get back to me. Then a couple of days of troubleshooting with them. And now they are sending me a new board.