Issues with Macrium Reflect v8

Just received my DIY and am enjoying setting it up. (Boy, was the installation of the Wifi module pernickety.)

I have two issues with Macrium Reflect v8 which I use for backup but it is possible these issues are not Macrium specific.

I created the USB boot media (Windows RE) but when I tested it, there is no mouse cursor and no ability to use the trackpad. Do I need to add a particular driver when I create the USB media? Normally, it finds what drivers it needs and adds them automatically.

Second, it has an option to amend the BCD so that you get a chance to go into the app before Windows fully loads. However, the laptop does not show me that option and boots direct into Windows.

Neither of these was an issue with my previous Dell laptop.

I am not as computer literate as 95% of the people here but any guidance would be helpful. Is anyone else using Macrium?

Enable PS/2 emulation in the BIOS, look in the forum for installing windows for information.

The Macrium PE image likely does not have Tiger Lake (Intel 11th gen mobile) drivers.

For the touchpad if you extract the following .zip and add the Tiger Lake Serial IO driver to the “drivers” folder on the Macrium Windows RE boot drive that will maybe get the touchpad working:

The boot issue I’m not sure, it would probably be easier to use F12 during startup (maybe change the timeout in the BIOS to make it easier) or boot to the device from Windows (not sure on your usecase).

@Josh_Cook Thanks but PS2 Mouse emulation is already set as default in the BIOS. The options are Auto or Disabled.

EDIT: Just disabled and re-enabled and now the cursor is there. Thanks again. One problem solved.