Issues with updating BIOS on Linux Mint

Hello everyone,

I’ve been stuck on bios version 3.06 since getting my laptop roughly a year ago, and figured it was about time to upgrade the BIOS since I heard that many things had been fixed in it since the release.

I looked up the guide, downloaded the zip, extract it to a USB and disabled secure boot, but when I enter the boot selector with the USB plugged in, it only lets me select my primary boot drive. It doesn’t show the USB anywhere, and I can’t find any extra information on this online.

I also tried using Balena Etcher, but I quickly learned that is entirely the wrong tool for the job here. Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong?

Check boot order in the BIOS.

It’s set by default to Auto, which sets it to boot from your drive. Set it to “First” or “Last” which will detect new boot devices and boot from the first or last one it detects. Insert your USB drive then reboot.

You can then choose between boot devices by pressing F12 on boot.

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Just messed around with that, and it does seem that my problem was the USB I was using just has some issues with it. I swapped to a different USB, and the boot options are showing up just fine now.

However, there’s new issues. Firstly, despite only having one USB plugged in, I see two boot options for the same USB. One seemingly does nothing, while the other kinda appears to try to run startup.nsh? But something clearly goes wrong, as when the laptop reboots, I’m still running BIOS 3.06.