Italy: news?

When can I buy framework notebook in Italy? And for Business users? I would like to test a device with German keyboard layout.

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You’ll know when it’s launched in Italy when they say it is. That’s all anyone can tell you. If by business you mean volume purchase, contact Support directly. Please do not attempt to Freight Forward.

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They said it! But it should be starting in the summer.


I think many people are waiting for purchase famework laptops from Italy. I hope they’re launching Italian Marketplace soon!

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Here it is! Framework | Expanding to Italy, Spain, and Belgium, and 13th Gen Intel

(ironically, Italian keybords are currently out of stock in Italy while they are available in the US - where they also cost significantly less, at $39 vs. € 45!)

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Has anybody actually bought in Italy?

I need to understand whether the package includes an Italian fiscal receipt - as I would need that to then get reimbursement from my employer.


I’d ask Framework support.

Sorry for cross-posting (from Italy: news? - #6 by Pietro_Battiston ), but can anybody who bought from Italy confirm if the package contained a fiscal receipt (scontrino fiscale)?


(yep, already asked to the support)

The support said I can get an invoice (so presumably with my name on, in case it matters - it matters for me) afterwards if they ask them.