Join us for the Framework Next Level Event on March 23rd

Well, to be fair that would be an improvement over Intel drivers (see the glitches with 12th-gen)…

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That does sound like a good idea. I may need to join up :rofl:

I’m amazed at the scope of this announcement … so much in one go and I really like what I’m seeing happening.


Yup, it’s the new Arc-LP Architecture if I remember correctly!
Even then it falls a bit short though if I remember AMD scores correctly!
Not to mention Drivers :sweat_smile:


Yea, the driver state for both Intel XE and AMD is finicky on different things. So annoying there =\

Ah, okay then forget about the Intel board TB vs USB 4 comparison then.

Guess now is just the iGPU for me.


so a 55wh framework battery should be able to what, charge a phone 2800 mAh batery 1.5 times?
Talking about the input modules / keyboards:

All modules can be up to 3.7 mm tall and still fit into the Laptop’s case. “Many” of Framework’s first-party modules will use open source firmware and a Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller, opening them up to further customization by developers and end users.

QMK keyboards here we come!
compatible_microcontrollers RP2040 is well supported and frequently used.

I guess maybe we will see a Cherry ultra LP keyboard with a trackpoint on 16".

I am a little disappointed, though, that preordering just the board apparently has been abandoned in favour of forcing people to buy RAM along with the AMD option. And that RAM comes at a considerably higher price than elsewhere.

[EDIT] dumb me was on the wrong product page. Apparently there is a “kit” page and a normal one, too. I apologize.

I don’t think it has?


@Jieren_Zheng @Shiroudan Hmmm… Thanks for the info! More stuff for me to ponder…


Bigger battery option for mid and high end only, that’s a shame.

Thanks for the matte screen option :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Also I’m close to being confused that a company actually listens to what people ask for (compared to “we made this thing and we think you’ll love it”).


How to choose between glossy and matte display when ordering a new DIY? I don’t see an option.

Also is it just me or was FrameWork hinting about having played with other wearables (phones, tablets) already?

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Okay, good name, I’m in!

Honestly, I think we’re fine for now.

Since we’re both linux users and the kernel and firmware needs around 1 year to stabilize, I can justify getting an upgrade in 2025.

I was a bit disappointed that there were not more expansion card news though.

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source? i can’t seem to listen to the recording as there’s no audio at all…

Is there a reason that the 61W battery isn’t available for Ryzen 5 models?

Nope a 2800mAh phone battery is at 4V

This is 5500W i.e. 16V at 3.5A approx so that more like 6 phone batteries, without getting more accurate.

It’s a common mistaken to think Wh is the same as Ah but Wh is Ah times voltage


Just a cheaper option I imagine as a pre-build. With a DIY you can choose hopefully.

@anarcat Source is the livestream. Nothing else we can point you to.