Just ordered a Framework laptop and can’t wait to get it

Having been following framework ever since Linus did his video on it, I have finally been able to save enough money to order one for my self. I am a trucker and because of that I spend most of my life on the highway. I am currently using a ROG gaming laptop as my daily PC but the past 4 to 5 years has not been kind to it. The screen has a black spot on the bottom shaped like a crescent moon and the side ports are coming unsoldered due to the vibration of the truck.

My hope is that the expansion cards will act as a vibration buffer between the cables that are plugged in and the solder point’s on the usb c on the motherboard.

I also like the fact that the screen can easily be removed as I use a 32in TV in my truck as a external monitor. Doing this, I hope, will keep it from over heating when I play games. I don’t have a lot of room in my truck to just keep the lid open so it’s going to have to come off lol. I have a small usb c lcd for whatever I leave the truck.

I am aware that if I want to play AAA games, I’ll have to get a external GPU and I plan on saving up to get one. Over all I can’t wait to get my new laptop. I’m looking forward to it.


A photo of the Framework laptop set up in your cab would be really cool and quite unique! :+1:

Edit: you might be interested in an upcoming LTE card but you might also have such a solution already.


Welcome to our community! I’m a batch 4 member and I’m loving the Framework.

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If you get a vertical laptop stand with cable organizers builtin, it will greatly reduce the vibration that works parts loose. If the laptop does wiggle a bit, take some sugru (wonderful stuff) and shape it into feet on the stand, so it grips tighter.

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I’m definitely interested in a LTE card that has a simm card in it but I have a router that does the same thing. It’s connected to both my laptop and my Xbox

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