Just ordered my first ever laptop (i5 13th DIY). Hopefully ships next week!

I’ve been a desktop/gaming PC user forever and kind of always shunned laptops.

I have a 1 year old child and therefore using the PC less. So I picked up an android tablet (S8+). The quality is amazing it’s just a terrible experience for anything remotely power user.

I decided to sell it and pick up a laptop!
I’ve gone for the base i5 model and smaller battery to save cost.

  • The i5 will be more than plenty for my mainly office/browser use.
  • The battery isn’t so important as most of it’s usage will be around the house.

I’ve also ordered an SSD and RAM from amazon due to it being a fair bit cheaper than the FW store.

Pretty stoked to start using the laptop, it said the i5 will ship within 5 days! I’m guessing I caught the end of the batch as it doesn’t say in stock.

Few other questions:

  • Does the screen get dim? Planning on watching some tv series in bed with it while GF and baby sleep
  • Does dual booting work ok? Really wanting to learn linux more.
  • I have a windows 10 licence and just learn the 13th gen doesn’t work great with Win10, does the licence transfer to Win11?

Side note:
I’ve seen people baulk a bit at the price but i’ve managed to get a 16 thread, 32GB, 1TB, high res laptop for around £1000. Pretty impressive.

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Hi and welcome to the forum

How dim, but yes

Dual booting is fine, I use Win 11 and Ubuntu 23.04 on a Gen 11

If you buy a DIY and install Win 10 you can then upgrade to Win 11 then install the Win 11 drivers

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Which SSD and RAM did you order? With SSDs and RAM I always suggest making sure it’s shipped and sold by Amazon. This avoids the scams and fakes out there.

Yup I did!
I will only order from Amazon direct, never their 3rd parties!

I went with the 2x16GB 3200 Crucial kit and the 1TB Solidigm P44 Pro


What if I told you that Amazon is the scammer

They aren’t great… I was trying to order from other sites, but they were an appreciable amount different. I try avoid amazon if the price is within say 5-10%.

Congrats and welcome to the community!