Key Stickers

Why does the placement of modifier keys differ so much from one laptop keyboard to the next?

I’ve changed the order of these keys using the input-remapper for Linux and now I’m interested in getting some stickers to help the labels of these keys better match their new uses. I have the orange bezel, and suspect that some orange key stickers would really pop!

Some early findings:

  • Key Shorts sells stickers custom sized for framework, but their base price of $29 jumps by +$20 for perfect fit, and another +$20 to select the Framework brand. So this sticker set would be almost twice the cost of the keyboard itself :frowning: And I really only need them for the modifier keys.
  • Key Stickers on Etsy include lots of attractive options, including some nice orange ones. But they seem to mostly target Mac keyboards. Does anyone know whether one of these more common keyboards is a good key-size fit for a Framework Laptop 13 ? Particularly for the modifier key sizes?
  • This redditor was able to design their own template to print and cut their own custom stickers. But I wasn’t able to find a copy of the template. Does anyone know where one can be found?

Which modifier keys?

Look at the different sets keyoverlay has


Thanks. In addition to remapping the caps lock to Hyper, I’ve also updated the order along the bottom row to: Super, fn, Alt, Control, Space, Control, Alt.