Keycap stickers for the clearcap options

Quick question. There’s some clearcap options on these keyboards, including a clearcap QMK numpad (which is quite novel).

RGB is fun. I can imagine buying the RGB. Not sure if it’ll work in Linux but that’s an experiment I’m prepared to do. However, there’s no printed keycap numpad with RGB. So the QMK numpad has a point there. But it could use some characters on it!

So. Where do you guys go to buy keycap stickers - including for the numeric keypad?

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I haven’t used them myself, but has custom keyboard stickers with many options. Background color, text color, custom size & shape to fit keys exactly, multilingual sets. That’s what I’d go for. They do list Framework as a brand they support for custom shaped stickers.
Custom Keyboard Stickers Builder | Keyshorts

This is also a way to get RGB in other languages. Get a clear keyboard and buy exactly sized stickers in your language.

Note that all the options actually use QMK firmware.

Definitely, works in Linux. I’m on Linux and use QMK.


But are they for the 13 or the 16? Or are the keyboard keys the same size on both laptops? I ordered the blank RGB just because I want a dang Linux penguin on the “super” key, but I’m not sure if they would be a correct set.

You would have to specify that you want them for the Framework-16. The do list Framework as a brand they support. You could message them asking about their process of supporting new models such as the Framework-16. It might be as simple as providing pictures of the keyboard with a ruler or an object of known size.

In their Custom keyboard stickers builder they direct you to enter the model name or product number of your laptop, or provide pictures if you can’t find either of those.

I went ahead and sent Keyshorts a message inquiring about their exact fit decals for the Framework-16, which they call “Perfect Fit”.
Though, it might be good if others also message them expressing interest in Framework-16 decals.

Good idea. I was just curious if you knew already. I’ll send them a message as well. My order would be quite different than most others as the stickers would be covering up blank keys, instead of existing symbols, so I have a few other questions as well.