Images framework16-defects to correct

Images frame 16

You can see some defects that we hope will be corrected for future shipments.

Another thing that is very criticizable is that if you have not purchased all the expansion modules, the gaps remain unfilled. At least they should be able to be covered with “fake” expansion modules, because it gives a bad image of the product.

The keyboard sinks, and it should be fixed.

The mobility of the closing cover is worrying.

It doesn’t feel like the premium product it should.

I hope they correct these errors, especially now that production is stopped due to the new Chinese manufacturing.

Framework probably decided it’s not worth it to sell dummy expansion cards. A USB-C card is very basic, no active electronics, just 2 ports and a PCB to bridge them. Not a great deal of savings to be had. Not worth it to stock dummy cards that aren’t of any use. Also, it’s not like the cards are new, we’ve had 3 generations / years of FW13 models. They’ve had time to consider if dummy cards would be worthwhile.


We suggest ordering 6 or more Expansion Cards. At least one Expansion Card should be USB-C to charge the laptop, and if an auxiliary audio/headphone jack is needed, an Audio Expansion Card, as there is no built-in jack with the Framework Laptop 16.

Straight from the order page. Aside from that the keyboard flex is bouncy when they were really pushing down on it but seemed okay when at the end of the video the key was pressed normally. My laptop with an aluminum top plate around the keyboard does too, though to a lesser extent. For that sturdiness I would have to take the entire laptop apart, including removing the motherboard, and pop some plastic rivets if I want to replace it. I am fine with the trade off in bounciness for serviceability.


Excuse me? Where was the news of a production stop and move to China? Or do you mean the Chinese New Years holiday that pauses production? That only starts on the 10th of Febuary though…


Yeah, as per the batch 1 email. They are expecting to shutdown on the 8th.

Yes 6 x USB C
One point of making them is to protect the ports on the main board from use wear

  • Some cards that are frequently used will ultimately fail
  • then there will be, and no doubt are, ‘blanks’ for the openings
  • The blanks will look lovely, like you have computer with six usable ports :slight_smile:
  • There are already probably a fair few ‘broken’ cards that could be acquired
  • Blank cards made; lots of topics on that


What’s the video for, I only see a few repeated seconds of a laptop with no information about the topic.

You can see some defects that we hope will be corrected for future shipments.

Who are you speaking for in that statement?

  • It’s cheaper to get all the ports wth the laptop and saves carriage pollution etc.

Pardon? Don’t make things up.


I will say that I’d be down with some blank expansion cards though. I have some USB-C flash drives I’d be willing to strip and then hot glue into one of the enclosures for a DIY/cheaper clean-looking expanded storage.


Video in question: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The person in the video was not pressing down on the keyboard with any excessive force. At the end they were very lightly pressing the keys, less forcefully than a normal typing force, but the keyboard was still visibly flexing. It seems like the same issue noted in another review, and remains to be seen how much will it affect the typing experience.

I understand and appreciate the fact that FW16 is much more modular and therefore will have differences, but this seems like an oversight either in design or manufacturing and should be fixed.

On the plus side, the LCD flex seems reasonable and not excessive: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Framework is about conserving materials or keeping them out of landfills, rather. I think for this reason making a fake expansion port cover would most likely end up being waste down the line. The expansion cards costing $8 or so, I think it is probably cheaper to just buy a pass through or USB A card.

This post looks like spam honestly, as the video links to a positive reddit thread about the FW 16.

Going to wait and see if the OP has any comments to give us. If nothing is forth coming this thread will be deleted.


I’m inclined to give the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps the OP may be native to a different language and culture rather than be trolling?


Hmmm, I also think that the thread was started somewhat unhappily. The wording is not right for me either. But I’m not sure if deleting is the right way to go here.
My opinion on the points:
A dummy card doesn’t really make sense, as for example the USB-C card is available at a reasonable price. However, it would be welcome, at least for DIY projects, to get empty expansion cards … but I could also live with converting a USB-C card, for example …
Flex of the lid/display doesn’t look serious to me, I just tried it again on a Macbook 16", you can bend the display in the same way there too. Maybe not quite as bad, but still visible.
The bending of the keyboard is a bit unsightly for me, but not really a showstopper. In addition, the Framework team has already indicated that they are investigating the matter and will try to remedy the situation if necessary.
Anyway, I’m still looking forward to my Framework 16 laptop, Batch 4 :slight_smile:


Framework Laptops are manufactured in Taiwan, not China. Like many Asian countries, Taiwan observes the lunar new year, so production will be halted for a few days beginning Feb. 8.


Absolutely, the user has responded elsewhere with good comments, so I’m just stating it to drive caution.

If it is just complaining about review defects, it probably would have been better posted under the review thread already running for the Framework 16. Not sure starting another thread that rehashes things that have been addressed there already multiple times makes a lot of sense. In the video posted I don’t see any of his comments being present, and therefore I’m not sure about the legitimacy of this thread in general.


If you follow the link you’ll see some more videos …

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Perhaps, but posting it here, shouldn’t require me digging down a rabbit hole. What you post should be relevant to what you are saying. Hence why I am questioning the legitimacy of this thread.


Yes, the beginning of the thread wasn’t exactly elegant. The term ‘defects’ in particular doesn’t fit here. So I can understand your point.

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That was my understanding and therefore I was confused by the original post…
But thanks for the clarification!

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actually man, the videos in that reddit thread made me feel better about my pre-order. The wobble of the screen wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the review videos showed.


Yeah, if I was the OP I would have at least mentioned that there are multiple videos. It doesn’t help that the forum embeds the first video, which is only 3-seconds, where nothing is said, and just shows a nice new FW16.

There are a number of short videos in an Imgur album

Half are either good, like fast boot, good palm rejection, or things the person says are no issue to him. A couple are valid issues imo. One, the keyboard flex, which Framework has already said they are looking into, and in the meantime could probably be fixed by foam tape or a heatsink pad like a reviewer used. And two, the touchpad spacers that can shift back and forth. That doesn’t present well, doesn’t look so nice. But if I recall, the user said they don’t shift unless you try.