Keyboard: Cleaning under keys

I somehow got something under my arrow keys that is causing it to stick. From what I can tell removing the keys isn’t an easy task, as getting them back on it difficult without the proper experience. Does anyone know if this is true, or if it would be safe to power the laptop off and fire some rubbing alcohol under there?

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You’re correct, the keycaps aren’t designed to be removed. However a handful of people have had success with it, so it should be possible with some care.


I take no responsibility if your keyboard doesn’t snap together as nicely as it came apart… I never did get all the juice out. A single key though, should be no problem

For the larger keys, there are one or more stabilizers. Make sure you go in on the side of the key with the Framework Spudger (the back side of the driver) and unhook the metal bars from the top and bottom clips (the space bar has 3 clips on each side).

While you’re doing that, be cognizant of the butterfly scissor things, they’re very delicate and like to pop out of place. If that happens, make sure it doesn’t happen. I broke both of the scissors on the spacebar, and have to order a new keyboard. At least shipping is super fast!

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Hi @Brian_Hellman. If you want to clean your keyboard, we highly recommend following our step-by-step guide on how to open the laptop and remove the keyboard through this link: Keyboard Replacement Guide - Framework Guides

Thank you and stay safe!


Hey @Val thanks for the posts. I need to clean under my spacebar - that juice…!

You say “Make sure you go in on the side of the key” - which side? In the gif shown on the clear keyboard post they go in from the screen side.

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@artfulrobot I actually wouldn’t recommend going in from any direction; getting the keys back on once they’re off is a nightmare in and of itself.

I meant the right side, though. On most of the keys they should pop off well enough. The clips are on the top and bottom, and your one and only goal is to make absolutely sure the butterfly mechanism doesn’t come apart. The hinges are so fragile, it’s hard to get back together without breaking them irreparably.

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