Keyboard caps

I recall reading about the individual keyboard keys and whether or not they could be removed/replaced. I know it’s not recommended by Framework support, but I’m in a position where I’m missing the right brace (]) key on my clear keyboard.

Since it’s a clear key, it’ll be a needle in a haystack in my house (if it’s here at all). Anyone happen to have any?

Alternatively, I was thinking of replacing my Windows key with the original (black) key and moving the clear Windows key to the brace spot (if they’re the same size). I’m afraid to try removing the black one to begin with.

Any thoughts on this? Everything works and looks great, except for the one missing key.

…and I must’ve been searching wrong, because I found lots of posts. Sorry for not doing my due diligence!

This is the post that solved my immediate problem:

Now I’ve at least got a complete set of keys on my clear keyboard, with one of my old keys giving me a reference point for the Windows key.

Still, since I’d prefer all clear, anyone have a spare clear key for any reason?

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You’ve just triggered 90% of the Linux community here. :firecracker:

But glad it worked out.

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Ha, yeah, tbh I kinda cringed when I looked at it. I’d prefer a Fedora key or a Tux, but my machine’s running Windows after my main board upgrade. My Cooler Master now holds my original main board with Linux.

It’s been said many times, but I’d really prefer a Framework key there.

Just tell them it’s the tiling window manager key. It looks like four tiled windows.