Keys sticking and trackpad travel issue

My input kit has a couple issues:

My right arrow key specifically feels like honey or molasses got in it. Whenever I press it down it is soft, takes more force to push down, and takes longer to come back up. It also has a weird soft sound associated with it. Maybe the membrane broke The problem has gotten worse lately. The key still works.

Separately, the bottom right side of my track pad has a bit of travel associated with it before I can click it. I feel two distinct clicks when I press that area down. The whole trackpad still works.

Should I contact support over this or should I try taking the keyboard apart?

Have you spilled anything on it and is this on a new laptop? If yes, you can try contacting support. If it’s past the warranty period, I would try cleaning it out with some alcohol without disassembling the keyboard. Yes it is possible to remove the keyboard from the metal frame of the input cover however, there are many small screws and you are likely to strip one in the process so it’s not worth it.

I haven’t spilled anything. I’ve had it for a couple months.

Contact support first and see what they have to say before doing anything else.

The keyboard is not designed to be disassembled down to that level of the membrane. I don’t think any normal laptop keyboard is. You risk breaking parts. Framework has said that the keys are not designed to be removed. Some have done it successfully, but I’ve seen others mention breaking the clips on some keycaps.

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Can I get individual keycaps?

Framework doesn’t sell individual keycaps. Understandable, since they wouldn’t want to encourage removing them if the parts can be damaged.
There are some parts on ebay and, but I haven’t run across anyone selling individual keycaps.

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Opps. Thank you pointing that out

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