Keyboard enter Key Sometimes Gets Stuck

  • Fedora
  • 39 KDE
  • AMD Ryzen 5

I’ve noticed that sometimes my enter key gets stuck/stiff in the up position, where I have to press fairly hard to get it to execute the key press, and in general it still doesn’t really go all the way down. It kind of feels like sometime is stuck under the key, but I doubt some big chunk of dust has fallen down there as I haven’t had it for more than a day or two.

If I tilt it and give a little shake it comes “unstuck”, which makes me feel like a wire or screw is underneath it, as I read another thread where someone got an extra screw stuck in there that fell out when opening it up. I’m leaning towards a wire (or maybe one of the stickers) as I feel like a screw might be a bit noisier.

Has anyone had issues with their enter key like this that could confirm a similar issue? I could probably open it up and take a look, although I’m not sure I’ll see it when the keyboard is off and nothing is under the enter key.

:+1: for repairability (I hope)

I took off the keyboard and didn’t see anything in the keyboard or wires that would be causing issues.

However, I saw all the screws holding the keyboard to the input cover, and so I tightened some of the ones around the sticky enter key.

So far the key has been much more cooperative, so I’m hoping it was just an issue with that where the keys weren’t holding that part of the keyboard tight enough or something like that :crossed_fingers: .