Keyboard sticking

I got my new Framework on Wednesday. I am having a problem with the keyboard and touchpad. The right click and scroll aren’t working on the touchpad. The enter key is also getting stuck down.

Hello there.
You will want to download and install the appropriate driver package for your device.
Take a look here: Products (

The enter key sticking seems more like a mechanical problem than software. The key physical gets stuck pressed down.

That advice was for your right click and scroll issue, guy. The Enter key is a fluke. Take it apart and have a go.

Could any liquids or particles have got under the key?

You can contact support here

The key mechanisms of the keyboard are not designed to be disassembled. Framework has said that keys can be broken if you attempt to remove them. Some people have done it anyway, and some have had success, some have broken keys.

So this is something to contact support for.

The framework is brand new. I was just setting it up and the key was sticking.

I have reached out to customer support.

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I just got my keyboard a week ago, as well, and I’m having what sounds like the same problem with the enter key. It feels like it’s binding and I have to pop it back up with a fingernail. I tried removing the input cover and the keycap, but nothing looks obviously amiss.

Have you heard anything back from support yet? I just sent pictures & video but haven’t gotten a reply yet.

I have the same problem with Enter key, looks like a problematic batch, no response from the support so far. Mine is US layout.

From support:

you can try unriveting and riveting back if you have the time and skill to do it. Please use this guide as your reference: Keyboard Replacement Guide

We need you to take a close-up video of the Enter key after removing it and putting it back into the Input Cover.

Haven’t done it myself yet, will try later today.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet the result waiting a response from support