Keyboard Keys Not Working

I just recieved my AMD Ryzen FW 13 and am setting it up right now.

I noticed that some keys in Framework 13 are not working. Specifically, the keys ‘D’, ‘Enter’, ‘Backspace’ and '=" don’t register. Is this a problem that I can fix on my own? Or should I ask FW for a new keyboard?

  • Windows 11
  • AMD Ryzen 7

That’s quite a strange combination to not work. Have you tried performing an embedded controller reset by holding the power button for ~30 seconds until it flashes?

No, I’ll try this and report back. Thank you for the suggestion!

No, I tried this and it did not fix the problem. I used an online tool called “keyboard checker” and there are two more keys that just those 4 that i mentioned earlier.

A total of six keys: d, ], =, ', [enter], [backspace] are not working.

Try reseating the input cover cables. There should be one between the keyboard and the trackpad and one between the trackpad and the mainboard. Reseat both cables at both ends, being careful to align them properly and checking for bent pins.


Thank you for the suggestion - I tried that reseal (twice) but to no avail.

I did examine the socket into which the input cover’s ribbon attaches and found this:

Are the boxes in red, by an chance - missing/damaged pins?

I’m not certain. At this point, though, I’d reach out to Framework support and ask them.

Thank you, Morpheus! I raised a support request earlier today morning.

Just FYI, there have been other cases like this. Here are two reddit threads in which users have reported similar problems:

Just thought of providing an update. I contacted the support and the issue, it seems, was not with the mainboard but with the input cover. I received a replacement input cover today and things are working fine. I am really liking the laptop! :smile:

As an FYI, it helps being prompt with Framework Support. While the first response from Framework came after 5 days I initiated my ticket - the team behind the support are very responsive once they actually start. They usually replied within 40-50 minutes and because I was also prompt in responding to their queries (they asked for a few photos and a video of me demonstrating the issue) - the entire problem took less than 3 hours to diagnose and the new input cover was shipped within 24 hours. Which IMO, is awesome service.

Now on to installing Ubuntu on this beast!