Keyboard is not responding

Everything expect my keyboard is working HELP!

Could you provide a bit more detail? What are you trying to do when it doesn’t work?

Just type lol only a few of my keys are working its strange. Backspace Isn’t working. R works

Only a few keys working I’m currently on my boyfriends laptop anxiously awaiting using mine.

Also this may or may not be a question you have the answer to its totally cool if you don’t. Here it is… would be able to help me confirm that my laptop is Linux and Windows compatible? If not I would like to get it to where it could be and learn how to navigate that.

Please pardon my lack of punctuations and grammar checking.

No worries.

For your first question, see this article: What types of Operating Systems can be installed on the Framework Laptop? That article also links to guides for installing Windows, Ubuntu and Fedora.

Did you purchase the DIY edition or a preset configuration?

I purchased the DIY edition.

I appreciate the link…let me check it out and get back to you on what happens.

This stuff is so neat to learn. Its so much better than having to send laptop shenanigans in.

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Will this link solve keyboard problems or Linux. Sorry its late and I got confused.

It could, but I can’t say for certain.

As with any other laptop, Framework users have experienced a variety of keyboard problems, each with a different solution.

We may ask several more questions before making a recommendation of how it can be resolved. So, to start off: when placing your order, did you also purchase Windows 10? I ask to find out if yours has Windows preinstalled.

It sucks my keyboard isn’t working but I’m enjoying this learning and developing curve with framework.

Yes I purchased Windows 10 Pro

Thank you for sticking with me on this.

I’m just glad I’m not the only one having keyboard malfunctions

No problem. I’m a bit jealous, since I haven’t received mine yet!

Several users have experienced keyboard-related issues only when trying to view BIOS options. Do your keyboard issues persist when you are logged into Windows?

so far its fantastic very esthetically minimalistic and just cool.

I noticed it happening right when it asked me to create the user name and password to create a windows log in profile and it stayed that way.

Do you have an external keyboard that you could use to do a little test? It would help narrow down potential causes. Could you try pressing the problematic keys on the external keyboard instead? Do they behave the same as the laptop ones?

And while we’re at it, is the backspace key unresponsive in all programs?

Another user reported having a key that was sticking. They later discovered that a small screw was trapped under the key. When pressed, do the problematic key(s) feel any different than others?

I’d recommend making sure the ribbon cable going from the keyboard to the mainboard is plugged fully in on both sides. It’s not quite the same issue as one of the known issues from
what I can tell, but if that is loose from the factory then that might cause some of the keys on the keyboard not to work.
Here is the topic that my inspiration comes from.


Yes, this sounds like the Touchpad Cable may not be plugged in fully, which could result in keyboard rows or columns not being connected. Make sure the laptop is fully shut down before opening up the system to re-insert the Touchpad Cable. You can follow the guide here: Input Cover Replacement Guide - Framework Guides

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