Keyboard only works when not fully attached after 13th gen upgrade

Hello everyone,

I just received and installed my the 13th gen motherboard alongside new top cover and hinges. So far it works fine, I can power up the laptop, log into my Ubuntu, everything seems to be working alright.

Except for the keyboard. It only works when it’s not fully attached to the laptop. With a brief experimentation, it seems like the problem lies on the top-left side of the laptop. If I lift the keyboard away from that area, the power button still lights up and I can type on it.

I know this may be hard to imagine, please find a recording here (hopefully it’s clear enough!):

I’d assume it’s some kind of shortcircuiting or something not connected correctly that disable the keyboard while fully attached, here’s my layout:

Wondering if anyone would have an idea what this could be?

This area, correct?

After some attempts, it’s actually closer to where the audio module lies.

Interestingly, by pressing the middle-left part of the keyboard firmly into the base, it fixes the issue :confused:

If you secure the bottom with the screws, does it also exhibit this behavior? It does seem like a short but I don’t know what could be doing that on the left side. Maybe the magnets are tripping something? I can’t imagine what, though. :thinking: weirdest thing I’ve seen in a while. When I get a moment later this morning I’ll open mine up and see if I can find any potential trouble spots.

Yeah fastening the screws was the first thing I did but it didn’t help. It’s weird indeed.

Check both ends of the ribbon / seaweed cable, make sure it has proper connection. Check for any solder joint issues around the cable connectors as well.